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FC this was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it, I immediately got invested with the world with the introduction of the switches, the music fit the mood perfectly and your pixel art has gotten so good now!

But most of all it's the intractable things - I spent so much time with the shapes and the train area. You really nailed everything here, personally I find audio in GM a pain to work but even the piano segment at the beginning felt just so right, 

Awesome work as always FC - you're a real inspiration with what you do.

Hey, do you remember me the X8Squish8X kid in your yt comments? Its me nice html game. I just started html and javascript and it seems like your doing amazing.

Hey thank you!! Yes I remember seeing quite a few of your comments :). I've actually just used the GameMaker HTML export. That's awesome you're starting to learn HTML and javascript!

if I could use html and javascript then you definitely can. You are the best coder I know.

Found a way to escape the universe, when you get to the switchs where if you hit two of them it makes everything change into text.