Version 1.11

I've added a new version, and practically every aspect of the project has changed in some way, so it will require a full re-import to use.


  • The documentation/instructions page has been moved to here.
  • You can now have Animated Portraits, and also no portraits (if you JUST want to have text).
    See the documentation section "USING ANIMATED PORTRAITS"
  • You can now have dialogue choices change object variables depending on the choice the player makes during a "dialogue choice". This is achieved via the new "myChangeVars" variable. 
    See the documentation section "HOW THE SCRIPTS WORK", subsection myChangeVars
  • There are new arguments in the create_dialogue and create_textevent scripts. These are due to changes in the way effects work, and also for introducing the ability to change object variables during dialogue choices.
  • You can now change the speed or colour of the text mid-sentence, as many times as you want. You simply give the character count you want to change the speed/colour at, and then the new speed/colour. These are achieved via the myTextSpeed and myTextCol variables. See the documentation section "USING TEXT EFFECTS, SPEEDS, AND COLOURS".
  • The way effects are used is now entirely different. Instead of using some kind of indicator in the line of dialogue itself, like "Hello /1there/0!", now you add effects via the "myEffects" variable (or argument in the scripts). The format of this now works exactly the same as the changing the speed and colour.
    See the documentation section "USING TEXT EFFECTS, SPEEDS, AND COLOURS".


A few other little bits and pieces were tweaked. Also due to some reported errors with the textbox destroying code, it has been changed to be in a "with(textbox) instance_destroy()" instead of "instance_destroy(textbox)". 


There's a couple things on my to-do list for the system:

  • Add names of characters to textbox
  • Make the dialogue choices "wrap" when reaching the end of the textbox, as they do not currently do this
  • Create additional/alternate scripts to make it easier to add new lines of dialogue


DialogueSystem_v111_GMS2.yyz 171 kB
Dec 03, 2017
DialogueSystem_v111_GMS1.gmz 95 kB
Dec 03, 2017

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is adding names gonna be a bonus text box on top? cause if not cant people just write the names?

Ah yeah true, you can just write names into the text, if that's where you want to put it. But a little textbox on top was exactly what I was thinking! Or perhaps on the portrait itself. I know people will want to play with it and pick the positions.

i also have to wonder if you can change the portraits based on the character emotion or if the emotes in the corner are the only option

Oh goodness this is my bad - you're right, they do look like emotes, but the emotions will indeed change the FRAME of the portrait (the emotes are just squares I put at the corners of the different frames to differentiate them). The actual emotes are the "pop-ups" that appear in little speech bubbles above the character's head.