Version 1.12

Another new version with just a couple changes.


  • Characters can have names. These are set with the "myName" variable. The default name is "None", and a character's name will not be drawn if it is set to this. The location of the text and name "box" are set with new variables in obj_textbox: name_box_x/y, name_box_text_x/y. You can also change the font and colour of the names with the variables name_font and name_col.
    See the documentation section "WHAT YOU NEED TO DO", subsection "CUSTOMISE OBJ_TEXTBOX"
  • I've fixed the text wrapping on dialogue choices if your lines of choice dialogue extend beyond the textbox (pictured in the above gif).
  • I've created a GitHub repository for this project, located here.


I'm still planning on altering or changing the scripts to make it easier to declare new lines of dialogue. 


DialogueSystem_v112_GMS2.yyz 150 kB
Jan 14, 2018
DialogueSystem_v112_GMS1.gmz 95 kB
Jan 14, 2018

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I've been trying to use your dialogue system to set up a chat in which the player gains an item. 
I've been trying to use  myChangeVars on a single dialogue option to get it to change a variable when there are no dialogue choices but it doesn't work.

Hey Aavri - sorry, I didn't see this in my notifications!

I know this may be coming too late - at the moment you can't use the myChangeVars outside of dialogue choices. In the next version I'm going to change this a bit and have a more flexible system where you can just specify scripts (including those to change a variable) to run at any point in the dialogue.